The reliable high-tech processes for your production!

EB welding and drilling technology was introduced to industry many years ago as a reliable means of fabrication. The layout of the type of machine most suitable for you depends on your requirements and applications. Together with you, we will come up with the machine design that matches your tasks.

Steigerwald Strahltechnik is only too happy to pass on its decades of expertise to you.

Within the Global Beam Technologies AG, Steigerwald Strahltechnik is your expert partner for

  • Chamber machines for universal fabrication
  • Small chamber machines for fabricating a larger number of items
  • Drilling/perforating machines, when lots of holes are involved
  • Continuous welding machines for saw band productions
  • Solo generators

PTR Konstruktion


  • Chamber machines: Series EBOCAM® & EBODISC
  • Drilling/perforating machines: EBOPULS series
  • Metal special strip welding machines: EBOCONT® series
  • Special EB machines according to customer requirements
  • Job-shop for drilling/perforating jobs and small numbers of special parts
  • Worpiece movements: Rotary devices, tilting devices
  • Tools
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Accessories
  • Replacement and wearing parts for these product lines
  • Generators: EBOGEN type 150 kV & type 60 kV

Detailed production data

  • Mains supply: phase current 3 x 400 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz, PEN (if necessary, a mains supply transformer must be connected between the mains supply at the customer and our machinery)
  • Lightening earth: < 3 Ohm, 35 mm2
  • Input power and required power depends on the machine model (electron beam generator power, drive, pump set, ...)
  • Compressed air: ≥ 6 bar
  • Cooling water: temperature max. 15 °C, pressure 3 to 4 bar
  • Ambient temperature +12 °C to +35 °C
  • Relative humidity, not condensing max. 70 %
  • Avoid electromagnetic fields near the machinery
  • Vibration-free installation position (normal factory conditions are sufficient)
  • Floor loading: max 16 daN/cm2

Electron beam systems are the reliable high-tech processes for your production!

EB drilling proves much more economical when processing work pieces requiring a large number of drilled holes on each component. Some typical examples where EB perforation is applied...

Strip-shaped materials are welded together longitudinally in complete production lines with pre and post welding stations.

Electron beam generators EBOGEN

High voltage EB generators 150 kV
Low voltage EB generators 60 kV

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