EBO Jump – multi-beam technology

This video is of an electron beam welding process using the EBO Jump multi-beam technology. The two leading beams carry out preheating on the right and left side of the seam. Next is the main welding beam, with a small spot size and high energy for deep penetration. The trailing beam performs a cosmetic weld using a wider spot size and lower energy input.
The dynamic vectorization is easy to see in the beam deflection pattern. It is responsible for an exact adjustment of the deflection pattern with respect to the welding path; even as the joint path curves. For example, the preheating spots are always orthogonal to the path. Not easy to notice, but important to note is that the beam is correctly focused for each different process. This is accomplished by means of the fast focusing lens, enabling each of the processes to have its own unique focus setting. All the beam spots, even the two preheating ones, have different power settings as well.

Besides the multi-beam process capabilities demonstrated in this video, EBO Jump offers automatic seam tracking, electron optical imaging of work pieces and automatic adjustment, focus and alignment of the beam.

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