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Within the GBT Group, Steigerwald Strahltechnik GmbH is the specialist for chamber machines designed for welding and drilling purposes, as well as for EB generators in high voltage technology (up to 150 kV and over). PTR Präzisions­technik GmbH is the specialist at producing machines for mass-producing small parts (e.g. cycle type systems) and low voltage EB generators (up to 60/70 kV).

For decades we have been supplying our machines to customers all over the world. We are only too happy to pass on our years of experience and the knowledge we have gained.

The basic principle

The quality demands placed on joining and surface engineering are fulfilled by electron beam (EB) technology to a large extent. The centrepiece of any EB system is the generator with the beam generating system.

The electron beam

The amount of power is determined by the accelerating voltage and beam current. Electromagnetic systems manipulate the electron beam (diverting and focussing).

The power density of the fine working spot is as much as 108 W/cm2. All beam parameters can be infinitely and accurately changed at high speed so that the beam is easily adjusted to the task.

EB technology - your advantage in production

Accuracy and reproducibility

The stability of the small beam diameter in the focus is the basis for high geometrical precision. Nearly all work parameters are controlled electronically and can be simply adjusted to changed tasks. Outstanding reproducibility of the application results is the effect of these characteristics.

Benefits for users and manufacturers

Intensive contact with customers makes it possible to keep optimum control over new developments, improvements to machine designs and production processes.

The main item of any EB system is the generator.

In the beam generator the electrons are emitted from a wolfram cathode accelerated by 60 to 175 kV to about 2/3 of the speed of light and then focused on the work piece into a beam with high power intensity.

1952 is seen as the dawn of electron beam technology. The physicist Dr. h.c. Karl-Heinz Steigerwald built the first electron beam processing machine. Much of what is now taken for granted first had to be painstakingly worked out all those years ago.

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